What am I? Logical what?

 My socionics type->Logical intuitive introvert

General characteristics:


  • Excellent strategists
  • Future orientated
  • Vast vision, intuition and imagination
  • Like information and efficiency
  • High performance standards for everybody, but especially themselves
  • Detached, calm, analytic and reserved
  • Extremely logical and rational people
  • Original and independent
  • Natural leaders, but will follow those that they can fully respect and support
  • Creative, innovative and with diverse resources at their disposal
  • Work better alone, prefer solitary work and autonomy

Let’s get into details, shall we?

  • Person of developed logical faculty and a strong capability for analysis, who knows how to dig to the essence of things and reveal their internal structure. She is a profound analyst which considers all situations of life from the logical viewpoint and believes that everything in the world must be logical. She possesses a powerful, intellectual imagination and can forecast the future quite well from empirical observations of how a person acts at various times after which she creates something like a functional model in her mind. In general, she tends to know everything in advance.
  • She sets for herself very high requirements. This is why she is extremely uncompromising, often looks down at other people or things, but this is mostly due to the very high demands she puts upon herself while training for the cold, starvation, losses and disapproval of others
  • Somewhat tender and capricious, she is irritated by everything that disturbs the silence and the measured way of her life. She is very secretive, dislikes uninvited visitors and reacts sharply to reprimands, but sometimes hides her irritation under an artificial smile. This explains that she finds solace among her books, sometimes even in the presence of her friends
  • she is reserved and diplomatic, one can never tell what her thoughts are, prefers solitude, is more preoccupied of ideas than of other people. She is aloof, sure about herself and about her judgement. In spite of all her “negativism”, she likes strong people who know their way in life, who demand concessions: such people release her occasionally from the necessity to invent goals, while using methods invented by her – she is a master of inventing methods.
  • She has a tendency to sacrifice the people around for a purpose she has confidence in. She is intolerant towards what is not categorized in this limits and sometimes shows cruelty towards her family but also towards herself
  • She almost never expresses emotions and sincerely believes that passions or reactions based on instincts or emotional influences, lead to destructive consequences. Insults seems like insignificant things to her, they do not require her acknowledgment, much less her attention, has a tendency to be over assertive and cold. She considers that it is better to be somewhat too cynical than be a hypocrite and tends to see details and aspects that others have overlooked. Her analysis is almost always devoid of any self-encouragement and she is capable of pouring a bucket of cold water out on the head of an enthusiast.
  • She is an excellent organizer and trainer, carefully analyses the abilities and characteristics of others, especially people working under her: the level of training, the work capacity and experience in order to properly integrate each of them in the collective activity according to their level.
  • She does not show much initiative, is reclusive and silent. She is also not very ambitious but does not tolerate when others get ahead of her in their career. Does not yell at people or kiss ass to her superiors, does not react to violence or angry words when addressed to her and simply openly ignores such demonstrations. She does not tolerate orders and finds himself in an especially hard situation when having to obey a boss whom she does not respect, much in the same way that she dislikes and finds irritating persistent advice and criticism.
  • She typically responds poorly to and have difficulty applying volitional pressure, because she treats most situations in a calculated, rational, and realistic fashion. She tends to have little response for individuals who operate outside of the boundaries of applying rational criteria to the situation at hand. If a problem arises that cannot be solved intellectually, and instead requiring direct personal confrontation, she may resort to total avoidance. The reason for this is that she feels that such a situation would in all likelihood produce only frustration and contempt. Does not respect those that use brutal methods to impose their opinion of belief, is stubborn, liked to control the results as much as possible and cannot be influenced. Any attempts to rile her up or spring her into activity are perceived as crude, intrusive, and insulting to their intelligence. She may see such pushy or forceful attempts to control her as hopelessly closed-minded and at odds with her sense of intellectual freedom.

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