Now let’s talk about one of the most epic star signs out there (empress of them all, actually). Because i’m awesome like that and of course i had to be born under the most brilliant constellation of them all. No arrogance intended.

I was lying. My ego the size of Montana was very much intended.


  • They might seem untidy but there’s a logic to the mess on their office desk.
  • They oscillate between caring too much or not caring at all. With a tendency towards emotionally unavailable, they never truly allow any gemini-7ju-printsone inside. Geminis also built a defensive wall around them when talks about personal things come up.
  • They think and analyze every possible scenario so they could be prepared in acse it ahppens and have several backup plans. 
  • If sleep would not be absolutely necessary, they would stay awake all the time just thinking. They are notorious night owls that still  somehow have energy in the morning
  • They do not shy away from commitments, but are wary of wasting time with the wrong people and getting uselessly attached to them.
  • Twins don’t fall in love easily, but instead make other people quickly fall in love with them.They like the combination of beauty and brains in a partner and hate being coerced into doing things, expecting to be given space and trust from their partner.
  • They love traveling, exploring the world and annoying people just for the fun of it.
  • They are very sociable people, but only have one or two close friends.
  • They always ask questions the others are reluctant to voice and they know  when and how to smoothly change the subject mid conversation.
  • tumblr_kv5j6ljrtc1qa0ieao1_500Gemini women are clever, rude and sarcastic, very confident and used to always having the final say.
  • They hate liars and ignorant, stupid people and know exactly what to say to make it hurt. Step on a Gemini’s tail and you would be the one crying at the end of the conversation.
  • They may seem disinterested but they are most probably startegizing about something inside their heads and simply appear lost in thought.
  • They are magician with words. They twist the words in their favor in such a way that arguing with them is pointless and a lost battle from the very start.

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