À propos de mademoiselle

Stubborn to the core, that’s me,

Lazy to boot, too

And almost always tired,

Because no matter how much I like to call it insomnia,

It’s actually me foregoing another night because of just 5 more books


writer.jpgGender: Female

Overlord Ability: Tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Eastern Zodiac: Rooster.

  • I wanted to be a dragon, snake or even tiger, but majestic ’93 the year of our Lord and the year when an earthquake in Maharashtra, India kills more or less 10,000 people apparently was the year of the rooster

Western Zodiac: Gemini.

  • everyone has her inner psychopath; I just like to call it ‘being bipolar’

Blood Type: B

  • Most practical of the blood group bunch, specialists in what we do, focused, dedicated
  • Tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible


  • Less than cooperative, as we like to follow our own rules and ideas
  • Individualists, we pay attention to our thoughts more than our feelings, hence the cold, aloof and serious front

Animals I love:  owls, ravens, ferrets,

Caucasian shepherds,foxes.

  • the list goes on back to the Cretaceous, I believe.

My Liege, Lord and Master: Books.

  • They rule me so nicely and utterly that I’m almost 99% sure i will go insane if my kindle (his name is Deucalion, after the son of Prometheus) breaks for more than 48 hours.

Hobbies I have: reading, traveling, drawing, crafting, writing knitting, painting, ice skating, trekking, roller skating.

Stuff i adore: sea food, Egyptology, Italian cuisine, stargazing, Persia, tattoos, ancient history.

Spirit Animal: Crow

  • Life magic, mystery of creation, destiny, alchemy.
  • fearlessness, flexibility, adaptability, intelligence.
  • trickster, audacious, manipulative and mischievous.

Favorite poison: coffee, hands down.0076

  • Starbucks
  • Gloria Jean’s
  • McCafe coffee
  • anymore of this and i would have a permanent sleeping place at the cafes.
  • all the staff from all the shifts know me, so i rest my case.

Mortal sins: Sloth and Pride.

  • As I used to say during the 5 years of Latin study, better  Acedia and Superbia than Vanagloria and Guta.
  • Or to be more exact for those who know what Catholics are chatting about, the de3f8e6820e57ef5c23bcb32e4808b1303mon on my left shoulder is called Belphegor for sloth.
  • bright side is, he’s a fancy prince in hell and he helps people make discoveries.
  • at least this explains why i wanted to become an archaeologist somehow
  • and the dude popped out first in Assyria, which is sort of Persia, Persian Gulf, Sumeria, Babylon  and i have just a bit of a hard on for those civilizations.

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