It’s called “The Alpha Alternative” and it’s JZB’s Sex Scene POV from the “Fever” series

What’s better than reading  one of the hottest scenes ever?

Why, listening to it of course.

Ladies, I give you, “The Alpha Alternative”. In case you’re wondering what’s that, in my never ending graciousness, I will let you know that it is the majestic Barron’s POV  and by that I mean the sex scene from book 1 a.k.a. “Darkfever”. For those of your that have read at least one book from this drool-worthy series and are about to yell “Liar” at me because you obviously don’t remember any sex scenes between Mac and Barrons until well into the  “Dreamfever” (That’s book 4 in case you tend to mess the order up),you can find out what I’m talking about in book 7 “Burned”.

But let us take a short break and enjoy a snippet from “Dreamfever”:

“He comes hard, shuddering. I match him, bucking with each shudder. When he comes, he makes a noise deep in his throat that is so raw and animal and sexual that I think if he merely looked at me and made that noise, I might explode in an orgasm. […]
“It would make my cock hard to hear you say my name.”
My eyes pop open. “Jericho Barrons,” I say sweetly.”

Okay, i’m done enjoying that snippet (said no one ever). Back to business.


I’m a huge fan of the Fever series. There is never enough Mac and Barrons for me. The more, the merrier. I even look like a Mac/Barrons junkie half the time before a new book is about to appear in all its majestic glory.

So not only did Barrons’ POV satisfied every dark craving i never wanted to admit that i have, but it gave so much more. Officially, it corresponds to chapter 4 of the first book and it gives us an insight into the head of one of my favorite dark heroes.

I’d purr, but then I’d try to turn it into a failure as a cough and i better abstain. Another tidbit about this purrfect character is that his full name (or the one that he uses now) is Jericho Zigor Barrons. Karen Marie Moning herself shared this delicious piece of news in a nice spring day in 2013.

Well, we fans did drain our brains dry ever since that nagging conversation from Bloodfever between Mac and Ryordan:

“I wondered where Barrons was.”
There was a soft laugh, a deep, rumbling purr. “Is that what he’s calling himself these days? Barrons?”
“Isn’t that his name? Jericho Barrons?”
More laughter. “Is he using a middle name?”
“The initial Z.” I’d seen it on his license.
“Ah, the Omega. Ever the melodramatic one.”
“And the Alpha?” I said drolly.
“He’d probably try make a great case for it.”
“What’s his real name?”
“Ask him yourself.”

Apparently Z comes from Zigor which comes from Basque (that’s one of those languages spoken somewhere in the Pyrenees) and means Punished or Punisher. I see a pattern here. First name Jericho no doubt from the ancient city of Jericho near the River Jordan which, is as far as I know, is one of the oldest cities in the world which has survived through continuous occupation. So, in a word, badass.




If you think the ebook is awesome (oh it is, and the descriptions melt your panties right off), you should try the audio. Now mind me, I have excellent self control, but i abused the cold shower twice while listening to the audio. No, I’m not using this as an expression, I actually had to use the cold shower twice, because female or not, there is a limit to how much my brain can go into overload without needing to resort to drastic measures. Not one of my proudest moments, I admit to that at least, but it was simply so good n so many levels. I’m pretty sure that I made some really x rated noises too, but I live alone, so all is good and my neighbors are used to the depravity that can be heard from my apartment every time I get to read or listen to a good book.

Although I’m pretty sure they think I’m doing something else.

I cannot be sure.

Actually I can, but I’m embarrassed to admit it. Again.
A sex scene from Barrons’ point of view is kind of universe rocking. No, really, it’s that orgasmic. I will say no more and let you find out yourself exactly what I’m talking about. You can find this scene at the beginning of Burned too. we should all bow to the author for her genius. Don’t break the replay button at the audio like I did. I had to restart the pc because of the repetitive abuse. Phil Gigante’s voice (he was the narrator) just did things for me. Really awkward to detail how exactly. Suffice to say, I got all shivery inside. One memorable moment when this happens:

“Do you really intend to exchange information?”

“I do.”

“And you’ll go first?”

“I will.” So fucking gullible.

“We can trade through the door.”

In her dreams. My dick isn’t that long. I came here for two things. I’m not leaving without them. “No.”

“Why not?”

“I am a private person, Ms. Lane. This is not negotiable.”

And this is all I’m going to say for now because the rest is mind blowing and I am not such a devil to spoil your fun.  So if you don’t have this in your bag of goodies, Amazon is waiting for you. Highly recommend the entire series.


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