When you have Egypt and Aliens all into one, what more can you ask for?

OK people, Blog Time! After eons of course, but this review was long overdue, but in my defense, time dragged because my dumb little masochistic brain wanted to read it twice out of its own guilty pleasure. “The Brede Chronicles” is an epic book by P. I. Barrington which i absolutely adored. The author send me a copy because she probably saw that I was one of those poor souls that ate books like they breathed air and needed some sustenance. And I, of course, after I devoured it faster than a McDonald’s hamburger after a one month diet, i simply had to fangirl about it in my usual style and review it. That being said, things are as follows:
Futuristic Egypt?
Hot looking alien?
Hot looking, cold personality alien?
Double check.
Tough heroine?
You betcha.
Twists and turns and screaming into the pillow out of sheer bookaholic frustration?
Oh yes.
Cliffhanger ending?
Boy, do i know it.
What more can you want?
Seriously now. I loved this book. It was all honey for the Egypt lover in me and red velvet cake for the all-things-alien addict. It did help a great deal for my perpetual book-depraved skull that I have been waiting and pinning and searching for this piece of gold and shinny diamonds for the better part of the solid past months.
To put it shortly, this was my continuous reaction concerning Alekzander Brede, badass alien:


It didn’t help my reaction that he was a mean son of a bitch, cold on top of that, very matter of fact and to the point. Did i ever mention, that good ol’ sadistic lil’ me likes ’em bad boys? No? Well, here you have the confirmation. Sure, he did some nasty stuff (and i would have punched him in the face a few times for the kiddo parts), but then then he did some awful stuff (downright torture he would have got from me for the second kiddo parts), then some nasty stuff again (men, you guys really need to figure out when that organ we call a heart tries to tell you something regarding the person that is your significant other), toppled by nonredeemable stuff (i won’t spoil your fun at this one), but hey, let’s be honest here; or try to.

How many of us are not dead tired of all those picture perfect heroes? Real people are flawed, they have their demons and make their mistakes and have their regrets. Not everything is milk and honey or even easy. And even though most of the time I’m reading a SF novel or a Urban Fantasy book, i want the characters to feel real, with all those small, little stuff that makes people tick. No fun reading about some perfect dude that is some knight in shinning armor 24/7 or some whinny heroine that couldn’t tie her shoelaces by herself even if that was her escape from a hoard of hellhounds.

Hence, I present to you, Alekzander Brede.

Gosh, even his name is hot, alien species and all. Fangirling a bit here, don’t mind me. For some reason, if this is possible, i loved Elektra even more than Alekzander himself, which usually does not happen, because well, female representative here and we have our weaknesses and those weaknesses tend to stretch towards the males in the books (sue me, i know I’m shallow).

One of the things that I simply liked about Elektra was that she was tough. She had grown up on the streets and didn’t have that pampered life that breeds weakly minded people. She knew what she wanted, she was used to a rough life, she always did her best and she fought for the things that she loved. No damsel in distress waiting for her prince here. Thank God!

This was a completely refreshing read. Even though Alekzander was a total Bastard with a major “B”, he had his sweet moments. Few of course, because he then remembered he was supposed to be a domineering iceberg, but they were there and in-between and all the more exciting because of it. And let me tell you something about our overbearing alien iceberg: he had …. awful parenting skills. I’m no magician with kids either, but hell, boy! easy with the emotionally unavailable kid raising. They turn into psychopaths.

I did not expect the ending though! i20dont20know20what20im20feeling

Next thing i know, I’m at the final chapter, and I’m staring like a retard at my beloved kindle (Yes, I know I shouldn’t have named him Deucalion), but Oh My Gosh. I was almost drumming my fingers for the expected happy ever after, all is good in the end (more or less, but decent enough with no one i cared about dying horribly) and then BAM! Shit happens, plot twists, death, then resurrected dead, then dead for good, then perhaps a silver lining, then one of those oh-my-god-it’s-too-late moments.

Then me staring dejected at the final page of the book and Deucalion staring back at me pokerfaced as usual (He’s a kindle, understand him a little, he has a limited range of expressions: pokerface being the only one available)

It’s so good that this is a series and it will have more books, because otherwise if that was the end, I would be breaking stuff right now. Precious stuff. And I cannot afford that, because I spend all my salary on IKEA stuff and a dozen or so books from USA and I’m legitly skin-broke. Which begs the question, how will I stack enough money for the upcoming books I know I need to buy and read ASAP? Time and wallet will tell. But before that, put your paws on the book and give it a try! The only thing that would have made this book better, would have been sex scenes sprawling on entire pages (with detailed descriptions, of course), but this is just the pervert in me speaking. Pay no heed to my depraved alter ego.

Unless of course she’s telling you to pick up this book.

Then you can listen to her.


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